4 Plumbing Quick Fixes You Should Know

A plumbing system is a significant part of households. For day-to-day activities, plumbing ensures that we can work without any hassle – be it in the kitchen or washroom. As a responsible homeowner, you should know when your plumbing system needs immediate attention. If you happen to live in the Durham region, Plumbing & Heating Heroes is your one-stop solution for any plumbing service in Whitby, ON.

A household plumbing system can be exposed to diverse sets of problems. While some of these problems can be solved by professionals, some can be addressed by you.

Top four plumbing issues that you can take care of -

• Malfunctioned Faucets

When the faucets in your house become faulty, you might lose as much as 200 gallons per month through dripping. Such a problem amounts to your mental peace with the consistent sounds and a large sum of money. You can address this problem by adhering to the below-mentioned steps.

1.  Replace the O ring – The O ring is a rubber ring that fits on the stem screw. Because of this ring, the faucet handle can remain in place. Before you go searching online for a ‘plumber near you’, you can try replacing the O ring.

2. Change the cartridge – The cartridge is a mesh filter that remains at the end of the nozzle. The leak happens because of the consistent mineral deposit. As a result, the water pressure decreases. It is better to replace the cartridge at least once a year.

• Clogged pipes and drains

Clogging is a common problem for any household. Residents can become frustrated with clogged drains. If the issue is too challenging for you to tackle on your own, contact Plumbing & Heating Heroes for assistance in Whitby, ON.

According to our professionals, you can avoid such conditions if you take proper measures regarding what is used in the sink or washroom. Anything soluble like, – shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper, etc., will not impact your drain line. If the clogs worsen, you should seek professional help to unclog your toilet and drain.

• Hot water stops coming

Generally, a heating pump can last for about 12 years with efficient care. But in these years, you must ensure that your heating system gets top-notch service every year. Otherwise, you will start getting cold water through faucets and showers. You can refer to the DIY methods below to address this problem.


  1. The water tank can develop rust and corrosion over time. It is better to install an anode rod to prevent corrosion. Even after this, you need to check once in a while to ensure that the rod is fine.

  2. Another problem you have to look out for is sedimentary build-up. For this issue, contact Plumbing & Heating Heroes for expert plumbing service in Whitby, ON.

  3. You also need to ensure that the heating system gets installed at par with your house. Otherwise, you will get an inefficient result. Along with this, the professionals must balance the water pressure accordingly.

• Leaking pipes

When a leak is found in the pipes, it can cause significant damage to your entire house. All you have to do is to locate the leak and determine its condition. If you think you can handle the leak, turn off the water supply in that region. After that, you can address the problem with basic plumbing tools. You can also refer to the manual books.


It is recommended that homeowners should have a basic understanding of the plumbing system. Such knowledge can help you stay prepared for any situation.

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