Furnace Issues? Repair Today!

Furnaces are a major component of a comfortable home. If you start to experience furnace issues at any time of year, it can cause stress to you. Issues with furnaces not heating the home in the winter or heating the home too high in the summer are ones that need to be addressed immediately. Luckily, for people in the Greater Toronto Area, such as Whitby and Ajax, Plumbing & Heating Heroes have emergency services to help!

With years of experience working on plumbing and heating in homes in Ontario, our certified technicians are ready to come out within the week to repair your furnace. Find out how we can repair your furnace by reading below.

Typical Issues You Experience with Furnaces

Usually, people will notice problems with their furnace when the home is not heating or cooling properly. This can be alarming, as the furnace is an essential element of keeping a comfortable home. Common problems with furnaces include the following:

  • Ignition or pilot light not working
  • Malfunctioning thermostat or connection issues
  • Dirty or old filters clogging the vent

All of these problems, including less common problems, are cause for concern. If you notice something funky going on with your heater, don’t delay in contacting Plumbing & Heating Heroes. We can dispatch a professional from our team to come help you within the week.

Fixing Your Furnace Now

Approximately 99% of the time, we can repair the issue within the day. Usually we will book you in the next day and be there as soon as we can to perform a thorough furnace repair. A furnace replacement is an option you can choose if necessary. We always try our best to save the furnace you have before replacing it with a new one.

For emergencies, call 416-893-5717. Plumbing & Heating Heroes is prepared to deal with emergencies 24/7 for homeowners in Whitby and Ajax, Ontario. We understand how to handle furnaces in the Greater Toronto Area with precision and speed to heat or cool your home as soon as possible.

Prevention Steps You Can Take

Prevention is the best way to try and avoid letting your furnace fall into a state of disrepair. There are things that you can do to avoid further furnace problems in the future. See the steps below to reduce your risk of furnace damage.

  • Schedule regular maintenance to catch potential problems early
  • Change your furnace filter frequently
  • If you notice any issues, contact a professional immediately
  • Do not leave the problem to potentially get worse

Homeowners who follow these steps will often experience less need for furnace repairs or furnace replacements. But when you do discover issues, don’t panic! Heroes are on their way.

Contact Plumbing & Heating Heroes Today

Our emergency services are available to anyone in Whitby or Ajax, ON. We provide furnace installation, replacements and repairs at a reasonable price and will start as soon as we can. Bring your home back to a comfortable temperature with the help of Plumbing & Heating Heroes today. Contact us now or read our reviews.